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Display Screen Equipment Awareness

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 state that all users of display screen equipment must be trained in how to configure a workstation and that they should be regularly assessed.  Poor ergonomics and bad workstation design often leads to complaints including visual fatigue, stress, muscular skeletal problems and repetitive strain injury.  Therefore, consideration of ergonomic factors, careful workstation design and positioning of display screen equipment for individuals who regularly use a computer is essential.

AIM OF COURSE:   To allow employees who regularly use computer equipment at work to be aware of good workstation design.

KEY BENEFITS:  Provision of a comfortable working environment by means of careful workstation design and correct ergonomic posture, reduction of risk of musculo-skeletal and other ill-health conditions and compliance with the emplyer's obligation to provide training and information.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Anybody who uses a computer regularly at work, including temporary agency staff and self-employed personnel.


LOCATION:   In house only.

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES:   Up to 4 attendees per session.

PRICE:   In house 2 hour session for up to 4 attendees - £225.00 to £250.00 per session depending on location.  This price is based on a minimum of two sessions on the same day.

WHAT THE PRICE INCLUDES:  The provision of the course for up to 4 attendees and a training manual for each attendee.

OUR TRAINERS:   Our trainers are Members of the British Institute of Facilities Management, NEBOSH qualified (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) and highly experienced in health and safety training.

OUR TRAINING STYLE:   Relaxed and interactive.  We recap throughout to help with the learning process.

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Smart FM are the most professional, knowledgeable and effective training company we have used at Channel 4 Television. We like their training approach and style and would highly recommend their services' - Sarah Allpress, Channel 4 Television, (Display Screen Equipment Assessor's training)

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